Lovin’ on a Rooftop


Chelsea Beamer

October 1, 2021

Feeling the HEAT in Reno!

I met Laura & Aaron through a friend of a friend just days before arriving to Reno. This was their first professional photoshoot together, and I seriously couldn’t believe it. L&A strutted their stuff with confidence and passion, and they were so natural in front of the camera! We skipped around a parking garage rooftop, climbed over railings (because that’s the fun way), stood on ledges (eek!), and walked the town where Laura & Aaron shared a sweet dance by the river.

Talk about a bad ass date night!

Parking Garage Rooftop Couples Photoshoot Traveling Photographer

Reno was one of the first stops on the road as a traveling photographer! I had never been to Reno and didn’t know too much of what to expect, but I knew I wanted to do something a lil’ different outside of the Rocky Mountains that I’m so used to back home in Colorado. (I mean, that ain’t a bad spot for photos either – obvi!) I presented this city shoot idea to L&A they were all for it, so BAM – we made it happen!

If you’re looking for a fun date night idea, give a downtown photoshoot a try! Find a parking garage, make your way to the rootfop, and do a 360 to take it all in! Oh, and drop me a pin and take me with you!

And don’t worry, if anyone asks in the elevator while going up to the rooftop – “Huh? You’re doing a photoshoot up there?” Um, yes sir. Yes, and it’s going to be AMAZING.

Couples Photoshoot Downtown Reno NV
Reno Lovers


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