Boudoir Photoshoot & Outfit Ideas in Natural Light Photo Studio by Chelsea Beamer Photography

Boudoir with Cassie


Chelsea Beamer

October 19, 2021

Wowowow what a BLAST of a boudoir shoot! Cassie came in with a “confident I don’t give a fuck” attitude and we danced around to some latin music, drank some bubbly and laughed our booties off!

Cassie and I met earlier this year at a branding shoot, and I am so freaking happy we met! Turning clients into friends is one of my favorite things about photography!

When Cassie showed up with a bag full of outfits to wear, I knew we were going to get all the variety in her boudoir photoshoot! More times than not, gals roll up to their boudoir shoot with a bag full of a dozen different lingerie outfits, panties, tees, all the ideas! And I LOVE IT. It’s so fun going through your boudoir outfits and picking out the ones that will generate the most variety in your photos!

We went from one outfit –

*Click click click click*

Okay change!

To *click click click click*

Okay change!

One thing about Cassie that I love so much is how much she loves to DANCE! Turn on some tunes and she’ll be the first to shake her ass. So of course, in the midst of everything, we made it rain on her because we just couldn’t help it – HA!

I’d also like to throw in – there was NOT AC in this photo studio, so by the end of our photo session, we were both sweating our asses off HA!

Now though this is possible to do, I don’t often shoot this quickly in each outfit for my clients! For most of my boudoir shoots, I would say 3-4 boudoir outfits is a good number to aim for in a one hour photo session! That way we can take our time and get a good variety not only in outfits, but in poses in those various outfits as well. 🙂

Looking for some boudoir outfit ideas to wear to your next boudoir shoot? Download my free outfit guide here to get some ideas stirring and get to shopping! 🙂

Here are some of my favorite photos from the boudoir photoshoot with Cassie!


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