BFF Best Friend Photoshoot Paint Mines Colorado

Best Friend Photoshoot – V1


Chelsea Beamer

February 2, 2022

I never would have thought that this shoot is what I think of when I try to remember my first boudoir shoot…

Soooo we drove hours to get to these magical Paint Mines in Colorado…

Do you see them? Anywhere?

This was one of those great ideas that turned into something completely different from what you anticipated but somehow yet even better. Which, to be honest, is basically the foundation to Michelle and I’s friendship. Always unexpected, but gosh the giggles that come from it!

Now we woke up at 4am to drive 3 hours down to the Paint Mines in Colorado to catch the SUNRISE to take magical photos in front of the colorful rock formations. Now with those beautiful rock formations, those ones that people travel all over the world to see, standing tall right in front of us, we turn around and think – “Hey, do you want to go stand in that bush?” YEP. What else is there to see around here?!

And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is what we like to call… our bush pic. 🤣

BFF Best Friend Photoshoot Paint Mines Colorado

Y’all should have seen my mom’s face when I asked if she wanted to see it. 🤣

We’ll be releasing our new indie-rock album in the Spring. ✌️

Now our photographer, this lovely human I love to call my man, Dayton – was just starting to get me into the idea of photography, teaching me how to shoot in manual mode, editing and all that fun jazz. It was like a little kid over here jumping with excitement “Can I edit them, can I, can I?!” So turns out, this was my first gallery I ever edited! Woah woah. ✨

Here’s a little then vs. now for ya:

Theeeeere are the Paint Mines!

And mimosas in hand ✔️

We then proceeded to cut all the stems off the pile of faux flowers we brought (unprepared, per usual 🙃) and placed the flowers around our heads and called our grand new photoshoot idea “Better Than Boudoir

I’ve gotta say the memories from this day are real special to me. I mean who would have guessed that this photoshoot would be what sparked my passion for photography, or that these best friend photoshoots would become a regular activity for my BFF and I? (And to make them as weird as possible. 🤣)

From 4am road trips to some good ol’ fashion trunk charcuterie on the side of the road, this BFF shoot was the first of many. And these photoshoots truly have turned into something Dayton, Michelle and I all love to do together! Which makes my heart just so giddy. ❤️

If you any ideas for our next BFF photoshoot, drop it in the comments below! ✨


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