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it's about showing yourself

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An experience that will leave you feeling beautiful for years to come

Imagine seeing yourself in a cute lil' sexy black book and being like "DAMN - that's me?!"

Love Notes

This whole experience was amazing... Chelsea is so sweet, fun, and the ultimate hype girl! I loved the pictures so much I decided to get them all lol! I'd never done any sort of professional shoot before this and I could not have asked for a better experience. This was such a confidence booster and so much fun. Chelsea is the type of person that will feel like you have known her for years as soon as you step in the studio. Such a sweetheart and so professional, not to mention she makes you feel so comfortable! I recommend her boudoir shoot to anyone out there who could use a self esteem boost or a perfect gift for their partner (and/or a gift to themselves!) Thank you so much Chelsea for everything!!

- Marie <3

"I could not have asked for a better experience."

Chelsea is not just a stellar photographer – she is a creative visionary, good vibe gal pal, and professional hype woman all rolled into one! My boudoir shoot with Chelsea was an absolute blast. She directed each pose and sequence so that I never felt awkward or uncomfortable, but did so in a way that remained authentic to me personally. While she snapped photos of so many different poses and angles, establishing that she really (really) knows what she’s doing, she also snapped goofy, candid shots – some of which ended up being favorites! Chelsea creates a safe space free of judgment, open to any atmosphere you might have in mind.

- Olivia <3

"My boudoir shoot with Chelsea was an absolute blast."

It was amazing! It's hard to find a photographer that can connect with their clients and help them feel comfortable in a very intimate and vulnerable position- Chelsea did exactly that! If you're nervous and it's your first time, definitely book a session with her! She is also LGBTQ+ inclusive too. I'm a trans woman with body dysphoria and she did a great job making me comfortable and the results were so gender affirming 🥰. If you're not booking a photoshoot with her, honestly, what are you doing in life?

- Genessa <3

"she did a great job making me comfortable"

Chelsea made me feel so good during our session. I was super nervous to begin and she totally rocked it with helping me feel confident and sexy in my own skin! Being vulnerable in front of the camera was not easy, but Chelsea was 10/10 the best hype gal I’ve ever had!! I will definitely book with her again in the future!

- Augusta <3

"Chelsea 10/10 the best hype gal I've ever had!!"

Where to start? I used to do pin up modeling years ago, before my two young kids. After a couple of pregnancies and becoming a full time mom, my body changed and also the way I looked at myself. Chelsea was amazing at the session, made me feel super comfortable, her excitement and energy put my fears and self consciousness away and I started to feel myself again. And of course, once I saw the gallery, I couldn’t believe that even with some of extra pounds, I still can be beautiful, sexy and confident. I’m so thankful for Chelsea and her work, definitely something every person needs to do to see themselves again.

- Vivi <3

"I started to feel myself again."

Doing this photoshoot was such an empowering and positive experience from start to finish. Chelsea made me feel gorgeous in my own skin. She has such a sweet, caring energy, which is coupled with her truly professional skills, workmanship, and real talent. She has a beautiful, whimsical sense of style and innate creativity. I can't imagine doing a better shoot with anyone else!

- Sona <3

"I can't imagine doing a better shoot with anyone else!"

Being in front of Chelsea's camera is easy. There's no pressure, it's relaxed and fun - like spending time with a good friend you haven't seen in a long time! Chelsea is the kind of person that just feels comfortable, which makes it easy to show up as yourself, be vulnerable & make some bomb ass art together!

- Heather <3

"Being in front of Chelsea's camera is easy."

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Before we book a session, i start with a phone call. I know this isn't an every day experience, and I want to be sure to answer any questions you have. Plus i just love getting to know the gals I'm going to work with!

The photoshoot itself is one hour! during that hour, we'll photograph 3-4 outfits so that you get a lot of variety in your gallery! most of my boudoir shoots take place at a studio space or airbnb to allow for a lot of natural light and a cute and homey feel!


one week after your photoshoot, we'll get together either in person or virtually and have a lil' photo reveal sesh where  you will hand select your favorite photos. once we have your faves selected, we'll chat about how you'd like your gallery delivered, whether that be digitals, prints, or an album!

What can I expect before, during & after my shoot?

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"Is that really me?"

"Chelsea and I went to high school together but didn’t know each other. When I reached out knowing she would be visiting SD, it was like we were old friends catching up! She absolutely loves what she gets to do, and I might be able to speak for all of her clients when I say she makes us all feel so authentically STUNNING! She wasn’t pushy about me “needing” any products, or more pictures, and she knocked it out of the park when I told her the vibe I was going for. She also let me suggest things that I would like, and we both ended up living some of those shots! I cannot wait to do another shoot with this lovely gal!"

- Katy <3

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Whether you're interested in a boudoir session, intimate couples session, or something else - I always start off with a quick phone call where we can discuss the details of what a typical shoot looks like, go over pricing, and answer any questions you have! 

I know how vulnerable of an experience boudoir and couples boudoir is, and it's so important to me to make sure you feel comfortable going into this and understand what to expect!

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