"Chelsea makes you feel amazingly beautiful. The whole experience is empowering and I never felt uncomfortable in her presence. I was astounded by how artistic and lovely I looked on my photos. I’ve never seen myself in that light before!!!"

- Amber <3

"I had the BEST time doing my boudoir shoot with Chelsea, and looking at my pics gives me a huge confidence boost every single time I see them. Ladies, do the damn boudoir shoot, you will NOT regret it!! Chelsea is professional, FUN, and the ultimate hype girl who will make you feel like you've known her for years. Thank you for everything Chelsea!"

- Marie <3

"Can I just say wow! Chelsea is a wonderful photographer! Not just her photos, but who she is. She makes you feel so comfortable and loved no matter the session. She is so sweet and fun and I would recommend her for all your boudoir needs and more."

- Tate <3

"So many thanks to Chelsea for helping me view myself from a different viewpoint - a truly beautiful side that I have learned to recognize and grown to absolutely love more and more every time I look at my photos. Thank you for such a WONDERFUL experience and UNFORGETTABLE memories and a beautiful new friendship. <3 <3 <3"

- Bri <3

Before & Afters

"Is that really me?"

Chelsea Beamer Photography