Intimate Couples Shoots

Just you being you

What are intimate couples shoots?

You don't need a big ol' grand occasion to celebrate your love.

Intimate couples shoots are just you and your love in front of the camera sharing a moment that is authentically YOU. 

Let that passion shine

These intimacy shoots can be whatever you make of them. 

You can let your sexy side out and show some skin. If you love being goofy with each other, then be goofy. There's no right answer.

Just you and your love being YOU.

There's something about photoshoots that bring out the love in people. 

That's why it's not about the photos... it's about the shoot! It's about the intimate moment that you two share with each other. 

During your photo session, I give you prompts and suggestions that keep you grounded and focused on one another. 

It's not about the photos

I always nail down the "vibe" of the shoot with a mood board beforehand

Mood Board

To allow plenty of time to get comfortable and develop that intimacy in front of the camera, I like to spend two hours with my couples!

2 Hours

You'll get 30 high-resolution photos that remind you of the spicy shoot we had

High-Res Photos

I use a platform that makes it super easy to view and download your special photos

Online Gallery

How it works

Questions & Availability

Whether you're interested in a boudoir session, intimate couples session, or something else - I always start off with a quick phone call where we can discuss the details of what a typical shoot looks like, go over pricing, and answer any questions you have! 

I know how vulnerable of an experience boudoir and couples boudoir is, and it's so important to me to make sure you feel comfortable going into this and understand what to expect!

Select the type of shoot you're interested in below, and schedule a time that works best for you.

I can't wait to chat about how we can make your photoshoot unique to you! 


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