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Lovin’ on a Rooftop

Feeling the HEAT in Reno! I met Laura & Aaron through a friend of a friend just days before arriving to Reno. This was their first professional photoshoot together, and I seriously couldn’t believe it. L&A strutted their stuff with confidence and passion, and they were so natural in front of the camera! We skipped […]

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Whether you're interested in a boudoir session, intimate couples session, or something else - I always start off with a quick phone call where we can discuss the details of what a typical shoot looks like, go over pricing, and answer any questions you have! 

I know how vulnerable of an experience boudoir and couples boudoir is, and it's so important to me to make sure you feel comfortable going into this and understand what to expect!

Select the type of shoot you're interested in below, and schedule a time that works best for you.

I can't wait to chat about how we can make your photoshoot unique to you! 


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